Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Volumising Fine Thin Hair

Are you constantly at war with your fine thin hair? Does it constantly behave in ways that you don’t want it to? Consider these hair volumising tips to help you and your hair get along splendidly:

Use volumising shampoos and conditioners when bathing. These products cleanse the hair gently without removing essential oils, helping the hair look thicker and fuller.

Use better towels, such a water-absorbing microfiber towel, when drying your hair. Avoid vigorous rubdowns. Instead, blot your hair gently with your better towel.

Choose your hairbrush wisely. Professional hairstylists recommend using brushes with bristles made of natural boar hair or flexible nylon, as these tend to pass through hair easily. They also don’t heat up like metal brushes, and they don’t snag hair like hard plastic bristles.

Avoid the hairdryer as much as possible. Heat can make your fine hair brittle, which makes it more prone to breakage. If you can’t do without heat styling, make sure to use a lower temperature setting.

For more care tips for fine thin hair, consider researching Lucinda Ellery reviews online that deal with these topics.




About Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Lucinda Ellery and her team of dedicated staff have been providing professional hair extensions since 1984 and are the number one choice for celebrity hair.
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