Lucinda Ellery Reviews and Hair Loss Facts

Every time you take a shower, brush your hair, or run your fingers through your long locks, it’s quite normal to see a few strands of hair falling off. In fact, it is said that an average person loses around 60 to 100 hair strands a day, which is approximately 0.1% of the total hair on an individual’s head. So when does hair fall become a problem? When is hair loss a big deal and needs to be managed?

More than Normal

Generally, people have an idea of how much hair they lose in a day. When you’re taking a bath or looking at the mirror, you’ll likely notice when there is a significant amount of hair shedding going on, whether you see more hair on the drain or recognize obvious thinning or even bald spots. As online Lucinda Ellery reviews reveal, hair loss problems and conditions stem from a range of causes, from hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficits, to genetic inheritance.

Of course, there’s no way that you can count each and every strand of hair that falls out of your head on a daily basis. Therefore, if you feel that you hair loss is more than the usual and noticeable hair thinning is present, it is best that you consult with your GP or a hair loss expert for advice.


How Much Hair Loss is Normal?,, August 7, 2015


About Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Lucinda Ellery and her team of dedicated staff have been providing professional hair extensions since 1984 and are the number one choice for celebrity hair.
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